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LangPBuilder Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

bool abortColour (int index)
bool abortParse ()
void begHtml (string name)
void colourChildLang (string beg, string end)
void colourComment (int index)
void colourKeys (int index, string key, string cssclass)
void colourLabel (int start, int end)
bool colourNum (int start, int end)
void colourString (int index, bool &inside, string cssclass)
bool colourSymbol (int start, int end)
void colourVariable (int index)
void doParsing ()
void endHtml ()
void eraseTags (int start, int fin)
virtual void fill ()
string getBuffer ()
int getLineCount ()
void hyperIncludeMe ()
void hyperLinkMe ()
void hyperNameMe ()
void hyperTagMe ()
void init_switches ()
bool isInsideIt (int index, string start, string end)
bool isInsideTag (int index)
bool isKey (int start, int end) const
bool isNotWord (int index)
bool isSymbol (char c)
void loadKeys ()
void makeAnchor ()
void makeMargin ()
int noCaseFind (string search, int index)
void parseBigComment (string start, string end, bool &inside)
void parseCharZeroComment (char zchar)
void parseChildLang ()
void parseComment (string cmnt)
void parseKeys ()
void parseLabel ()
void parseNum ()
void parsePreProc ()
void parseString (char quotetype, bool &inside)
void parseSymbol ()
void parseVariable (string var)
void pre_parse ()
void setChildLang (bool b)
virtual void setInline ()
void setLangExt (int e)
void setLineCount (int c)
void setTabWidth (string width)
void setupIO (CFfile *p)
void toggleAnchor ()
void toggleBigtab ()
void toggleExtcss ()
void toggleFollow ()
void toggleHtSnip ()
void toggleHypinc ()
void toggleNumber ()
void toggleWebcpp ()

Public Attributes

Theme Scs2

Protected Attributes

string buffer
bool childLang
bool doAdaComnt
bool doArrays
bool doAsmComnt
bool doAspComnt
bool doBatComnt
bool doBigComnt
bool doCaseKeys
bool doCComnt
bool doCinComnt
bool doFtnComnt
bool doHashes
bool doHskComnt
bool doHtmComnt
bool doHtmlTags
bool doKeywords
bool doLabels
bool doNumbers
bool doPasComnt
bool doPreProc
bool doRemComnt
bool doScalars
bool doStrings
bool doSymbols
bool doTclComnt
bool doUnxComnt
bool endComment
bool inBckQuotes
bool inComment
bool inDblQuotes
bool inHtmTags
bool inSinQuotes
vector< string > keys
int langext
int lncount
bool opt_anchor
bool opt_bigtab
bool opt_extcss
bool opt_follow
bool opt_htsnip
bool opt_hypinc
bool opt_number
bool opt_webcpp
int tabwidth
string tw
vector< string > types

Detailed Description

Definition at line 11 of file langpbuilder.h.

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